We add our skills to the overall skills matrix for a specific project with:
Subcontracting project design and implementation services custom electronics systems or RF. Project management from the customer interests services by participating at design reviews as part of design team member or as part of manufacturing services team member. 

Contract services either at your location or at ours at your request and interests.

You Provide your idea of product or what you need to get for your process and we will generate the schematic and PCB design, unit level design. Either Proof of Concept design services or ISO 9001 compliant Corrective Action Request that you need it solved for your process. Experience with ISO9004 Quality Cost Reduction steps and its corrective actions.

Some of the projects we have worked before: 


-Printed Circuits Boards design using Protel / Altium IDE. Other PCB design options with OrCAD, PADS, PowerPCB if tools provided.Product Printed Circuits Boards design of DSP applications, high speed digital specific PCI & ePCI buss, VME bus, I2C & SPI Bus, Serial 488 and USB ports projects.

-RF medium power design expertise for Final PA amplifiers for digital modulation. Previous expertise with QAM and QPSK modulation for such applications with design constrains of IP3, 1 dB compression point, Spurious response, Amplitude and phase linearity specific IQ modulation and modern tablet/wifi chains and 802.11 a, b, g standards.

-Receive chain design expertise from front-end up to AF, including weak signals and near field signals operating equipment.

-Synthesizers design up to 6 GHz, Mixer stages design expertise, amplifiers and Local oscillators, VCO and TCXO,MMIC or discrete components schematic  implementation. Expertise with CDMA phase noise requirements in 1.8..1.9 GHz band.

-Discrete filter and duplexer design services. Coaxial or helical filter design, Hairpin filters microwave design services.

-Some X band 10.7 to 11.7 GHz Local oscillator expertise.

-Some parabolic and offset metal antenna expertise for microwave components for X band or adjacent bands. magnetic Polarotor, feed - horn, circulator and filters expertise for Direct To Home systems.

-Antenna positioner with Automatic Gain Control for large antennas with solid angle less than 1 degree to a geostationary location expertise. Antenna and polar mount mass aprox. 70 Kg. 

-Attenuators and dual directional coupler design on microstrip or stripline or manufacturing with controlled impedance micro-strip and strip-line circuits on Rogers, Arlon, other ceramic hybrid materials. 

-Automated Test Equipment ( ATE ) development experience for volume production or engineering purposes for RF up to 6 GHz, custom interfaces design for JTAG or COM or LPT ports or software development for production or engineering purposes. 

-Mechanical design of bed of nails fixtures design for new boards or retooling existing boards and products. You offer a sample of your board or a drawing for design stages test points added with the PCB product design stage, I generate a Design For Test Report which would highlight any critical tolerances of your design. You decide then if you will modify your board or I explore other more sofisticated ways of testing or probing. Applicable for In - Circuit - Test fistures, vacuum fixtures specific Genrad ICT. Design generated  with Protel / Altium IDE or other IDE environments. Some specialty RF coaxial probes expertise for weal signals probing in a fixture, 2 sides board both sides populated.


-developed with distributed PLCs, Programmable Automation Controllers gen Compact Rio  or Embedded Micro-controller Solutions. Real-Time Embedded micro-controller development capability for Atmel, Microchip, Intel platforms, other platforms if the tools are provided.
Feed-back controls design and simulation with software tool LabVIEW, make National Instruments or other software test development tools. Implementation with labVIEW and other National Instruments tools and hardware interfaces.

Feed-back controls design and simulation specific robotic pick and place expertise, Surface Mount SMT constraints and requirements expertise for chipshooters above 10,000 parts per second and pilot runs with smaller volume and speed. Simulink controls software and D Space hardware and software. Z space transforms, Laplace transforms and Fourier digital implementation expertise specific IIR and FIR modern controls expertise.

Mathematical Matlab tools development and expertise for audio equalizer and volume controls. Implementation for such. 

Mathematical modeling for linear physical systems with Matlab for electrical, wireless and RF, pneumatic and vacuum, water and fluids SCADA, pick and place motion of translation and rotation, some plant controls for fluids measurements for laboratory purposes for oven controls at max 220 deg Celsius and high pressure up to 18,000 psi differential. Other wireless and RF simulation tools ANSOFT.

Printed Circuits Boards design using Protel / Altium IDE. Other PCB design options with OrCAD, PADS, PowerPCB if tools provided.

Lighting install or maintenance for high  intensity Metal Halide lamps, Sodium vapor lamps, fluorescent commercial or residential use. Commercial stores and restaurants lighting construction and maintenance services.

Refurbish 347Vac lighting system with new electronic ballasts rated at max 277 Vac such as old office building systems based on new energy savings requirements improvements for large show rooms furniture and office type buildings in an economical manner and with existing off the shelf parts and lamps.

Electrical design for power distribution at 120 Vac, 208 V ac residential type or commercial / industrial higher voltages ac, 

AC 1 - 3 phase, 100 A and maximum 200 Amperes  Rms per phase service at this time. 

Metering options install. Specific Residential, Commercial, institutional and light industrial projects.

DC high voltage expertise lower than 38 kV dc. sources are our expertise such as the vacuum tubes applications.
Back-up electric power solutions: gensets install for a specific event outdoor or indoor locations connected to local hydro.

Diesel, gas, propane gensets maintenance and install. Do have millwright automotive diesel equipment training and experience for street buses and coaches and vans.

Calibration and testing stand design and installation for such gensets and metering equipment with a 62 KVA at 208 ac Loadbank project at 200A maximum per phase 3 phases air cooled experience. 

Renewable energy local sources systems design and construction for wind turbines, solar panels PV, infrastructure pipelines or conduits protection, electro-chemical power sources such as rechargeable batteries or lead acid batteries stationary UPS or vehicle mounted. 

Un-interruptible Power Supply UPS install, design, maintenance for commercial or residential operations ( farms, offices, warehouses NOC).

DC to DC converters or DC to AC inverters suitable for off the grid electrical systems commercial ( bed and breakfast operations, boat or marina operations,  cabin or lodge operations, local remote store, school, administration, or post office  or residential customers. 

Telemetry solutions for SCADA specific oil-well Monitoring( wireline ).

Automated Metering and monitoring. 

Net - metering solutions, specific FIT program ( generator license assistance with obtaining approvals from the local hydro company program) and microFIT ( below 30KVA generation rating program).
Communications solutions for underground mining equipment through leaky-feeder systems( a radiant coaxial cable along a gallery or tunnel).
Wireless Communications solutions for underground construction equipment such as trench-less digging equipment under rivers, city streets, highways. Cable controlled cranes/hoist equipment.    
Automated Test Equipment ( ATE ) development, custom interfaces or software development for production or engineering purposes. Mechanical design of bed of nails fixtures, vacuum fixtures. hardware design for PCI bus, high speed digital, USB ports.

Mechanical design for enclosures ( die-casted aluminum and alloys expertise for pressurised outdoor CaTV enclosures rapid prototyping with graphite tools or plaster molds, 

Expertise with plastic resins enclosures design, first articles approvals and corrective actions for large consumer products  1..2 Kg resin material mass.

Expertise with sheet metal enclosure design and rapid prototyping with CNC punch press such as 19 in. racks parts. 

Tooling design or maintenance rework for dies with 3D modeling and 2D fabrication shop drawings capability for drafting services in AutoCAD or SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor( in other words pads, dies, bosses shape or location redesign/move  and /  or replacement for existing tools.


 Experience with VHF and UHF antennas of various numbers of elements, YAGI, Log periodic design and mechanical execution of any number of units. Systems consisting of syn-phased of YAGI antennas 2,  4 units.

X band, C Band  parabolic antennas installation or trouble-shooting.

Other antennas for wireless services, PCS 1.9 GHz services, 2.4 GHz ISM band, 5.6 GHz ISM band services.