Here are some of the projects we have worked at during many years.

Microwave feed-horn and impedance adapter for X band 10.7 GHz to 11.7 GHz.  Multiplied Prototype stage for an offset 1.5 meters antenna.

Personal computer motherboard with a Z80 Zilog microprocessor 8 bits. 2 Layers FR4 with SMOBC plating finishing, prototype stage.

The results of 1.5 years assiduous work for a renewable energy or usual grid - connected electrical distribution community

( capacity several thousands users, 1 phase 3 lines electrical distribution 200A service  electrical utilities monitoring

system ) was concluded for contribution to the systems test phase based on calculus and experimental range tests within 40 Km range.  Copyright Certificate 1082726.

The results of experimental mathematical modeling of a oil well monitoring system down-hole several thousands meters with a steel cable usual called wire-line, some 8 ..12 mm outer diameter.  



A demodulated 802.11 b , g signal